25th Sept

Well the year is nearing the end, we are now into Autumn and this week we attended the London Jam. Not all the pictures are up yet but to view the ones that are, London Jam. It was a very nice afternoon/evening spent twisting, catching up and having a meal. I think there were over 10 attending this time and the next one is planned for Oct 18th.

I did make a few lion designs this week, at the jam and after. I posted one onto my facebook page and it seemed very popular with many comments and so many likes. It’s funny how you are never sure what people are going to like. I have always struggled with a lion design I have liked but if I can keep this one in my head it will be the one to go for if I’m asked for a lion. To view all the designs, I think there are 6/7 at the moment, Lion Pictures.

Next week we have the Northampton Care & Share Balloon day on the 4th Oct, we still have a few super early bird specials so if you wanted to attend it’s a free day. Well you do have to pay £20 to attend but you receive 4 bags 260 classic modelling balloons so it’s like a free day. To book, Northampton Balloon Day.

I have been painting away again this week, trying to make the front of the house look a little nicer. Just a few hours here and there as we have to keep the orders going out and running the magic side as well. We are nearly finished, perhaps the random picture of the week might be the front of the house once we have finished painting it, he he.

BallooTube, this week the design I posted is the one balloon shield, last week it was the sword so I thought it was rather logical to post the shield. There is a really nice two balloon shield on balloon chat with step by step instructions, Two Balloon Shield. I will post this onto BalloonTube next year, I was putting the first 20 designs up as just one balloon models. The latest tutorial can be viewed here, BalloonTube with Graham Lee.

So the random balloon picture this week will be the………………Lion.
I decided before I even went to look.
See you should not mention what design you are posting as I changed
my mind and went for the bulldog instead, if you do want to see the lion
it’s on the link above with the other variations.
Until next week………….bye for now xx.