25th Oct

I thought I had missed a week of the blog and just noticed it’s been three weeks, so three oops!
I find it difficult to keep up sometimes, so we are getting ready to attend a face painting event in Wickford tomorrow 26th Oct. I’m taking the shop with me and will be running a 2 hour balloon workshop. As it’s half term my eldest grandson Harry is coming along to man the stand for me and help with everything. He did help at another event last year and was OK, so fingers crossed he will be OK tomorrow. Just about to load the car up and then I will pick him up as we are staying in a hotel tonight near the venue.

Last weekend was the NABAS balloon show where I had three workshops and Lyn was in charge of the shop, It was nice to meet up with a few who I had not seen for a while and also meeting some new people in the balloon industry.
I’m putting pictures up from the event with still a lot more to add over the coming weeks. NABAS pictures.

On Tuesday I went up to London to visit the City Of London balloon jam, it takes place every month near to Liverpool St railway station, a few pictures are all up and posted onto balloon chat. City Of London Pictures.

It’s not long before the best balloon convention in the world takes place, The Millennium Jam, seriously it’s one not to be missed and takes place 9/13th Nov in Mol Belgium. The Millennium Jam.

My Random balloon picture will be the heart I made after sitting in on Guido’s workshop at the NABAS event last weekend. Guido made a heart using 12″ link balloons and I scaled it down to 260’s for the heart and 160’s for the centre column. More pictures about how the heart design came about are here. Heart Design.

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