25th Oct

If anyone is looking for a Halloween design then I have two on BalloonTube,
BalloonTube Bat.  BalloonTube Pumpkin.

We were back to cleaning the car this week, I was a little bored which is not bad since we have been in this lockdown for nearly 9 months now. Sorted the wheels out with the super wheel cleaner and also this time bought a headlamp restorer to take the slight dullness of of them. They do seem a little brighter, I did google to see all the different suggestions on how to do this but went with a T-Cut product. It kept me busy for a little while. Now what we can do next week? Suggestions on a postcard please

I’m off tonight to watch a magic rehearsal for a show that is performing next week for Halloween. Looking forward to it and keeping safe at the same time. Its all a bit of a worry
as we seem to be going backwards at the moment back into a more stringent lockdown.
Anyway we have to try and keep on smiling.

My next edition of BalloonTube is next Sunday and will be the 80th edition, on Balloon Chat we have 120 step by step tutorials. So altogether some 200 tutorials that have all been free to view, hopefully they have helped people over the years. I have loved seeing the designs on others web pages and Facebook page etc, nice to know they do get used now and again.
I get rather chuffed at that, just thought I’d mention it

So we have taken the step unfortunately to make next weeks a paid tutorial. Apologies about this but like many others we are struggling with no shows and need to try and bring a few pennies in somehow. I’m not sure I could cope with getting a proper job after being self employed for 40 years. The idea is to make the cost similar to a cup of coffee so not to expensive and on special offer for the first month and then put the price up after. So next month’s design is a Father Christmas Wand, it takes five balloons and can be made from 260’s or upsized to a 350 with again just five balloons. Anyway apologies that we are having to make a small charge for the designs, here is wishing everyone well XXxx.

So the random balloon picture of the week?
Perhaps it should be the Father Christmas wand but off to look and see what I have been making over the past few weeks.
I went with next month’s BalloonTube, The Christmas Wand.
christmas wand