25th March

Did you notice there was no blog last week?
I was attending the Blackpool Balloon Bash, it’s interesting to see how people interact with others. Especially later on in the evening once a drink or two has been partaken.

It was an adventure trying to go up the Blackpool Tower, I have been attending magic conventions in Blackpool for at least 30 years and have never ventured to see the Tower.
So we decided to go Friday morning, on the tram as not been on the seafront tram ride. Get to the tower and it’s closed on a Friday and Monday. Never mind, after the balloon bash finished Sunday afternoon Caroline asked if I wanted to go to the Tower. So off we went on the tram again and this time it was closed due to high winds.

Maybe we will get there next year, fingers crossed. The pictures are going up on Balloon chat if you would like to take a look. Blackpool Balloon Bash.

We are off tomorrow up to Birmingham for the Balloon Artistes Guild Star lecture days with Wallie de Groote on the 27/28th March. Spaces are available if you would like to come and learn some designs made from 350’s and 646’s.
To book or for more info, Wallie de Groote,

A short and sweet blog this week as I need to go and organise the balloons and stock for taking up to the event. So this weeks random balloon picture? Off to look, be right back.
The side on view of the bike I made a few weeks back.