25th February

Last Sunday I was attending the Blackpool magic convention, that is why there was no blog.
They made numerous changes at the event and all very positive with good feedback from everyone. Thelma and I built a bike for the stand which turned out to be very popular. When I mentioned to Thelma that this is what we were going to build she was not too happy but as we built it and seeing the reactions we are thinking about making version two next year as so many wanted to sit on it and get a picture or two with them and the bike. I have started to post the pictures, Blackpool Bike.

The blog today has gone up late as I’m just back from the wedding of the day, I know many say the wedding of the year but this may have been the wedding of a lifetime. It was certainly different and great fun, again I will be posting pictures onto balloon chat as it was Paul Curwen who got married who is one of the balloon artistes guild members.
We wish them many years of happiness, they truly are a lovely couple, Paul’s Wedding.

It’s the Blackpool Balloon Bash in a couple of weeks, there are still some spaces available if you wish to attend. This is the link for the facebook page and for more details, BBB.

Short and sweet from me this week as we have been very busy with Blackpool convention and being away for the week and trying to catch up and then the wedding and being away for another three days.

I expect the random balloon picture will be the bike but off to see.
I went with the smaller bike I was building about 2.3 weeks ago.
More pictures on Balloon Chat, Bike.