25th Aug

This week I worked a gig for Abigail’s Charity, its for people with stillborn and early infant death. It was just 2 hours ballooning but was fun. Abigail’s Charity.

I then did a group bonding day for David Crofts as David was away on holiday, it was for a playgroup for all the people working there. It was a large group, nearly 40 but was so much
fun and everyone joined in and listened, made it very enjoyable. I usually take my PA and
use a microphone but as it was in London and I travelled up on the tube we did not. I was
a little concerned but it all worked out well, so that was nice.

I picked up the master copy from the last Star Lecture days we had with Eric Weinstein, will have to find time to sit and watch to make sure it all plays OK and to sort out the designs shown etc for the artwork. All the pictures from the event are posted here, Eric Pictures.

We have the IBM magic convention coming up early Sept, IBM Convention.
Off to go through some of my magic boxes to see if I can take some down to sell and to clear some space in my front room where we film for BalloonTube. There are 65 tutorials up at present if you would like to take a look, BalloonTube.

We have just posted the next Balloon Chat Challenge, its a Cat design from TwisTee that
we will try to re create. This is challenge 16. If you would like to view the others,
Balloon Chat Challenge.

I’m still plodding away up dating my portfolio, we are up to Dec 2018 so gradually getting
there. There are over 1000 designs to view over some 40 odd pages, Portfolio.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Mickey and Minnie Mouse that I made a few weeks back now.