24th Sept

Here we are then writing the blog again.
I was making helicopters this week, a few variations on a theme. Helicopter Pictures.

Then getting ready for the Kidology children’s magic convention that is happening this
Mon and Tuesday Birmingham way. Kidology. They have a few lectures with one on entertaining with balloons, now I wonder who will be giving that lecture?……………oh yes it’s me. Fingers crossed it goes down well, one can but try and I do know the lines and bit’s of business work for me so hopefully they will work for others as well.

All the pictures are up from the Airdrie Levett & Lee day. Pictures.

I’m still adding the pictures from the Levett & Lee day we had in Birmingham,
they should all be up by next weekend. Pictures.

Over on BalloonTube this week as it is BalloonTube Sunday today we have the tutorial for the two balloon shield, once again fingers crossed that one or two will be able to use the design and it is of help. BalloonTube Shield.

A little short and sweet this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Koala design, there are pictures on balloon chat with various designs, Koala.
Plus on BalloonTube I did a koala tutorial although the body is different to the one
in the pictures but the head construction is the same. BalloonTube Koala.