24th November

Todays Blog…what have we been up to?
Well we had the two days in Birmingham with Pip coming over from New Zealand, all went very well and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. I have started to post the pictures from the days but it will take a couple of weeks to post them all up. Pip Star Lecture.

I did a school Christmas fair yesterday, really enjoyed doing the three 30 min shows with over 200 people attending them all so the school made a few pennies as well so that’s nice.

Been making some Frozen designs as its that time again with Frozen 2 coming out this week. I have posted them onto the forum with a few variations on Olaf and I have just made a couple of Sven designs but still to post those.

Had a nice time at Simon, my son’s stag do last Sunday, did axe throwing, rifle range with live fire, crossbow, archery, sling shot and air rifle. It was a fun day and then a meal out in the evening. The venue was called 1066 Target Sports. Website.

I’m performing my balloon magic act Thursday night, first time in about 5/6 years at least. Only at the local magic club for the stage competition. I’d better run through it a couple of times so its not too rusty hopefully. I do have another effect to try out as well so fingers crossed they all work out OK.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
Going with the boat design that might be the model of the month for Dec.
I know not very Christmassy but on previous years we have a couple of
Father Christmas and a Reindeer so plenty on model of the month
already to cover Christmas. Model of the Month.