24th May

So this week I have been looking for a model of the month for June, at the moment we have a line work Panda design which I like but it seems to be missing something to me. Although the two people I have sent the design to think he is really cute and lovable. So maybe its just me or these two people are just being kind :-)
I did not realise that with over 200 tutorials that I have posted over the years as yet I have not posted one Unicorn design, so we had better change that fairly soon and post some step by step instructions for a Unicorn design.

It’s my dad’s birthday today so we went around and sat outside his house and had a cuppa with him, all a bit strange but better to be safe than sorry.

I have been making a few extra designs ready to run balloon workshops when we are able to again. I have a nice new face design that I’m very pleased with, a great hair technique that seems to be working well for me and the way the ears attach with hair is pretty new as well. I also made a different dress design a month back that I’d like to show and a new princess skirt idea as well. So pleased at the moment with plenty of new things to share when we are all aloud out and about again.

We have a special offer on the new Premium Smart Twist balloon pump till the end of the May, its £224.99 and comes with a £25 voucher to spend with the shop. Premium Smart Twist.

We also have on offer two bags of Anna & Elsa hearts for £20, these are usually £25.98 so a very good saving. Anna & Elsa Hearts.

There is a slight technical glitch on the website and a couple of people are unable to log on and see the site. We do have the technical people looking at this and hopefully we can sort the problem out over the coming week. If you are unable to see the site then please just email or message me and I can sort your order out and can take either credit card, paypal or bank transfer for payment. Again if any of my regular customers are struggling with pennies at the moment I’m more than happy to send you product and arrange payment for later in the year to help out where we can. Balloon Art wholesale.

That’s me for this week, off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Snow White who has the new dress, hair and ear design.
snow white bc