24th June

It was the London Jam this week which I did miss as we had to send out the balloon artistes guild DVD’s to club members. There is always something to do, we have gone a little up market as all the names and address’s are now on the computer to just cut and paste so that was sorted out on Tuesday as well. If you wanted to attend the next London Jam it’s on Tuesday 17th July, more details are on the Facebook page, London Jam.

I have had a couple of shows this weekend that were both in London, one in Park Lane and the other for a garden party in Holland Park. Then its a four hour drive up to Manchester for the balloon day tomorrow and then driving home tomorrow night after the day, I will be exhausted but I’m sure it will be fun and I will get my balloon fix.

I have put all the pictures up from the Paul Brown Workshop, we are possibly about half way through with the pictures from the Patrick van de Ven workshop as well. Pictures.

If anyone wanted to come to the Manchester balloon day tomorrow, Mon 25th June then details are here but via the link you can see all the future balloon days we have booked up into the early part of 2019. There is an event to add for late Oct/early Nov and I will try to arrange that ASAP. Balloon Days.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week, I have made a few things
just lately so do have a choice of designs to post. Don’t forget to take a look
at BalloonTube, the next tutorial going up next Sunday will be the
multi balloon Sausage Dog. BalloonTube.
I went with the latest minion I made this week.