24th July

This week I attended the City of London Jam, we all met for a nice pizza at 2pm as usual. Then off to The Poets public house that we have a private room reserved for the twisting. Well as soon as we arrived we knew this would be a non starter, the room was like a sauna with sweat dripping off us within a couple of minutes, the room has no windows and no fan or air conditioning. We went back into the bar area where there was air conditioning to have a drink and then decide the next plan of action. I twisted a dragon that I had made at the premier for Pete’s Dragon on Sunday, the trouble with twisting in the pub is that it can be like a paid gig with people coming up and asking for designs.

Kat thought the Pizza Express restaurant where we meet for lunch had an extra floor not being used, so I suggested we went back there and if no good we could go for a nice ice cream at the posh ice cream parlour in Spitalfields market, a two minute walk away and then call it a day. I got the short straw to go and ask in Pizza Express and the acting manageress was so lovely and helpful and agreed we could use the upstairs room that is not used mid-week. It had a fantastic air conditioning unit and was ideal as the windows had blinds so we could take some nice pictures of the sculptures/designs made at the event. So fingers crossed we can have the room on a regular monthly meet up, that would be fab. It was a small turnout this month with just 5 people attending but generally anything from 5 to 12 turn up. I have started to post pictures from the event,
with more to follow, City Of London Pictures.
We did leave all the nice un-wanted balloons for the staff members as a little thank you.

We are off up to Telford Tuesday night for the Telford Jammies face painting event run by Rosey and Pam, if anyone would like to attend they have a few demo’s during the day and I’m always happy to show a balloon model design or two. Booking details, Telford Jammies.

For a while now I have wanted to make some large hands with a baby cradled on them, so this weekend I have had a little bit of time and have made a heart from a design idea from Sabina, a fish (Dorry) from a recent film just been released, the hands and a couple of baby designs. I will post the pictures over on balloon chat later.

So of to find the random balloon picture of the week, be right back.
Don’t go away?
Well that was a surprise, I was going to post the hands and baby and then
found the Toucan design, Darren who does the DVD review over on Balloon chat
posted this a few weeks back and one Saturday night I had a go at making this from
the picture. As the instructions are sold by Patrick van de Ven I felt a little
uncomfortable posting without purchasing the instructions even though
I made it from the picture, without the picture I would have not played
with the design so thought it was only fair to purchase the PDF instructions.
I have still to open the PDF file that Patrick sent over to me.
If anyone would like to get hold of the instructions then Patrick’s
Facebook page is here, Instructions.