24th January

Hello all……………to those that read my blog. So what have I been up to this week?
I finished the Poodle challenge design but not sure if that was the week before?
I was meant to go to the hospital to have a tooth taken out on Wednesday but cancelled that due to all the problems at the hospital with what is going on. I have booked this now at my local dentist for this coming Wed, cant say I’m looking forward to it but have been told it has to come out. Balloon wise I have been making some Valentine designs with a Bride and Groom look to them, this is the thread to view them on the forum, Valentines.

I also went back and looked at some of my pictures from 2018 and have written a list of some that I’d like to work on again or forgot to add them to the model of the month. That was interesting to do and was a most enjoyable afternoon. I made a few of the designs again and wrote the list on Balloon Chat so I would probably lose the details if I just wrote them on a piece of paper. Pictures 2018

I then did a club zoom get together that I hosted as I wanted to see how zoom worked before I offered some balloon workshops online, we eventually got the sound working and since I have done three balloon workshops helping people with the string of bubbles as on one of the Facebook groups this seemed to be a challenge for a few of them. I got some very nice feedback and everyone who attend did make the bubbles and they kept in place so that was nice…well very nice actually. The first three sessions I did do for free so I could work it all out and now I’m making a small charge and keeping the numbers low, only 10 people so I can give everyone enough time and help them with any problems or issues they have with the designs being offered online. We have been doing the workshops at 7.30pm but in future I might offer a 7.30 and 9pm for those that have family commitments and need to put little ones to bed. I have really enjoyed doing them, so fingers crossed we can do a few more over the coming weeks and months. The two workshops for next week are both full up, I will be adding more later on in the week.

Again if you need any balloon products and accessories then please have a look at the website as it would be nice to get a few orders as with all the entertainers not working things are rather quiet at the moment, thanks for reading xx.  Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Jet Plane that is this month’s Model of the Month.
Full details on how to make it are here, Jet Plane.
jet thank you1