24th Jan

This week we have been busy with changing the name of the website and all the things that come with changing the name. Headed paper, price lists, roller banner designs etc etc. We are also hoping to have a more comprehensive shipping list option that customers can choose from. So for this I have been adding the weight and size of every single item that we sell on the website, this has taken a while to complete. The roll up banner design is sorted, I think. Just have to decide if we are going with the animated balloon artistes guild logo or the computer generated. Banner Design.
I’m pleased to say we have finally sorted out the YouTube Channel name, it will be BalloonTube. The artwork for this is under way as well, BalloonTube.

All the pictures from the Bishops Stortford Care & Share day are nearly up on the forum, we are onto the last session of the day with many designs and models to view. Pictures.

The next Care & Share days are confirmed for,
Birmingham, March 8th. Simon Jong
Birmingham, March 9th Rob Driscoll
Exeter, May 11th. FREE Care & Share day.
Booking Details.

Off to the Blackpool Magic Convention on the 17th Feb, the event runs from 19th/21st Feb.
I was making a hedgehog this week with a few other models, off to see what random balloon picture I can find to add to the blog, be right back, don’t go away. Decided on the fox as this will be the model of the month for February. If you wanted to try this months design, the dinosaur then full step by step instructions can be found here on the forum. Dinosaur.