23rd May

Welcome all, hope everyone is well and parties are starting to book in again.
This week I have been making a few cars as I wanted to make a quick’ish one for myself to make when out and about. Sometimes a design comes together pretty quickly but the car has been a bit of a challenge and I have spent a couple of days making so many variations on a theme/ I do have one that I think I like from three balloons, just got to get the sizing and proportions right and then I think we will be happy with it. I have posted them onto a thread over on Balloon Chat bu I still have more o post over the next few days so please pop back
now and again to view. Car Design.

You would not recognise me now if you saw me, he he. I had my hair cut yesterday and also got my two new pairs of glasses. They did say it would take a few days to settle into them and reading on the computer is a little on the fuzzy side at the moment, either that or they have made prescription up wrong. They are varifocal though so I will try for a few days before mentioning anything.

I have been joining in sometimes with Balloon Taskmaster where we have to make something to a theme, I think I will post them onto my Facebook page as my phone is getting filled up with all the films and I’m struggling taking pictures as all my memory seems filled up. OR…..is it the phone company make your phone work slower after 2 years so you have to upgrade, insert a smiley face here, :-)

I have been enjoying the Zoom Balloon Workshops we have been running,¬† the last one on the Motor Bike I had people attending from France, America, Alaska, Canada, Australia, Ecuador, Wales and one person from the midlands. It was interesting reading about why Alaska is part of America but thousands of miles away form the mainland. These zoom’s are very educational, I do have four more booked if anyone would like to join us and it all helps to keep me sane and enjoying life. More details of the workshops coming up are posted here,
Zoom-A-Balloon Workshops.

I need to find a place to post my new Table Top Tutorials that I have filmed, we have four I believe but I was looking for somewhere to park them on the internet that would be easy for people to purchase and the link might be automatically sent once people have purchased. If anyone has any ideas then please let me know……….thanks xx

In case anyone is looking for balloon products then perhaps have a look at our website,
be nice if we can help you out, Balloon Art Wholesale.

That will do for this wee, off to fins the random balloon picture of the week,
I went with the design I made for my grand daughters’ birthday last month, there are
a few pictures as we built and some variations on a theme here, Fourteen Design.