23rd February

I’m back from the Blackpool Magic Convention, had a lovely time away with David Crofts. It is very tiring building the stand and balloon designs and rushing about before the shows in the evening as there is very little time between all the events and being on the stand. Its nice catching up with everyone though and hopefully encouraging people to take up balloon modelling or to try and give them that little spark and encouragement to get more heavily into this great art form. It takes a few days to recover when back home. Thanks to David and all his hard work manning the stand, building the magician we both planned and keeping a smile on his face all the way through, much appreciated. I’m posting the pictures from the event and they should all be up possibly by the end of this week. We built a magician with lamp post and a few magical effects that we changed every few hours. We also got a picture with Lance Burton who is the famous Las Vegas magician who the design was built around. It did get pictured quite a lot over the weekend. Blackpool Magic Pictures.

I have started a re-visiting thread on Balloon Chat from Model of the month designs that we built years ago and just up dating and changing slightly as how you feel about a design back then to know has changed a little. I have three designs posted at the moment, a Guitar,
Racing Car and Sponge Bob. Re-Visiting.

Its the dreaded day today when we start putting up the website prices from the increase that happened on the 1st Feb, we do try to leave it as long as possible to try and help out. I’m also adjusting a few prices as well, the 11″ and 5″ rounds we have slightly reduced in price as well
so there is some good news as well. I do try to help out. Balloon Art Wholesale.

We have the next two star lecture days all booked with Rob Driscoll on the 1st April and then Tope booked on the 2nd April with his deco-twisting workshop. I’m chatting with Tegan Baylis from Australia and Stephanie Morace from the USA for coming over in June and October time. For more info and to book onto the days. Star Lectures.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This was made for the Balloon Chat Challenge that Danielle and I do on the forum.
Balloon Chat Challenge 2019.
Balloon Chat Challenge 2020.
a celtic 3