22nd Nov

I keep struggling to keep this blog up to date, this time I have been away at The Millennium Jam, which possibly is the best balloon convention in the world, it’s fab. I have started to add pictures to the forum here but it will take me a few weeks as I took over 1700. TMJ Pictures.

Patricia Balloona has a nice blog going on her adventures at the millennium jam that is worth a read, Blog.

I’m all packed, so is the car and we are off up to Darlington and Edinburgh to run a couple of “Care & Share” days. As it’s just me going I expect to be a little tired and exhausted when I get back. Normally Lyn runs the shop and I get everything else sorted at the days. This time though it’s just me as Lyn is staying to send out the orders we get in over the week. I have my list of models to show and will be bringing my PA system to help with the throat so I do not loose my voice. We have a great turn out in Edinburgh, so I think that will be a very busy day as we are going from 10 am till 9pm, this is a first, a jam in the bar of the venue from 5 till 9. I will be getting a meal here as well, I’m sure it will be a fun time with a couple of workshops, a couple of competitions and a chance to catch up with many that I have not seen for many a year.

The random balloon picture for this week, the angel will be the complementary bag of balloons in all orders for Dec, full instructions will be up on www.balloonchat.co.uk for people to follow along and enter if they wish into the competition to win a balloon modelling DVD. I have  lot of prizes to give away, I purchased a lot for the millennium jam when I was there.