22nd April

I attended the Tony Twist workshop this week in Hemel Hempstead. Met Steve for breakfast at the Travelodge and then made our way around to the venue. I think there were 20 of us attending, I have posted the pictures onto balloon chat. Tony Twist Workshop.

We have all this years star lecture days for the Balloon Artistes guild all booked up, the only thing we are waiting on is the confirmed dates in Sept for Mark Byrne. The dates booked are,
Paul Brown, 11th June
Patrick van de Ven, 12th June
Mark Byrne, two days in Sept to be confirmed.
Tobias Stengel, two days. 4/5th March 2019.
For more info and to book, BAG.

I had a couple of magic shows this weekend, yesterdays went very well and looking forward to doing it all again today. I have to get things sorted as I’m down to my last two BalloonTube tutorials, I have a three balloon cat plus the large Sausage dog I made over two years ago. The step by step are on balloon chat but I have been a little slow with the instructions going up on BalloonTube. If you would like to have a go with the step by step pictures and in PDF format this is the link, Sausage Dog.

If you wanted to check out some of the tutorials on Balloon Tube, BalloonTube Tutorials.
The ones on the list to film are, Helicopter, Reindeer, Reindeer wand, Chrome sword, Shark, Rhino and the quick link dinosaur. That would take us up to Jan 2019.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I wonder what it will be, not sure myself as yet.
I made the cockerel, as we have doves I did have some bird
food that I thought made the picture a little more authentic.