21st November

Just a short blog this week as we have been out gigging and I’m off out again shortly.
We have the Portsmouth Balloon day coming up on the 30th November, we still have a few spaces left and the theme for the day will be mostly Christmas and more line work and designs for the real world. There are four workshops and also time to see some of the newer designs that myself and others are working on. There is even a fun competition to enter if you would like, booking details, Portsmouth Balloon Day.

The new website is coming along, we had a little problem with getting the site to show product being put into the shopping basket. We had a few variations the web designers tried and now have something that I’m pleased with. Hopefully it will make using the site more user friendly and easier to navigate around, we have put the launch date off I think three times at the moment and have a few more things to tweak but all minor things so we are hoping the site will be live pretty soon.

It’s the big build this week for me so going over in my mind how to build the design and what might or might not work. I will start to post the design as it’s being built from Wednesday
of this week coming.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week to use.
I went with the Crayola Crayon design I made this week,  when I googled looking for
the dimensions and proportions there was a crayon looking similar to this….relaxing.
I have posted it all on a thread over on Balloon Chat if you
would like to see the original picture, Balloon Crayon.