21st May

This weeks blog, what have we been up to.
It was the London balloon jam on Tuesday but I was unable to go as we were busy with orders as Lyn and I went off up to London on Monday for tea at The Dorchester and to see a show, we went to see Wicked. So there was a lot of catching up to do on the Tuesday.

The next meeting for the London jam is on Tuesday 20th June, London Jam Details.
I’m unable to attend that one as well as the day before we have the Bodmin Care & Share balloon day. This week I have been playing about with a Horse design for next month’s model of the month. Horse Pictures. I also made a few more Yoda designs, it was pointed out these look a little like someone else’s design and when I saw I had to agree there are similarities but
JJ was kind enough to say similar but different.

All the balloon days we have booked so far for this year can be seen here via the link,
Care & Share Balloon Days.

This week its BalloonTube Sunday and we are showing the sea turtle, I particularly like the neck section from this design, makes it a little different. Well it does for me and hopefully for you as well. It’s week 3o so please have a look back at some of the other tutorials and please share the link if you can, thanks. BalloonTube.

Off to the Trix children’s magic convention today, it starts on Monday afternoon and goes on till late Tuesday evening. Will be nice to go along and sit and watch the events etc as this year I’m not dealing. We take it in turns to do every other year so will be nice to jam and sit and catch up with many.

There are a few special offers on the website for some products. Please get in touch as we do have some 3 for 2 deals on bags we found when we were re-vamping the warehouse and also some products that we have decided not to stock anymore.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, be back in a while.
Not a great picture but I went with the up-sizes handbag that I made
at the Blackpool Magic convention back in February.