21st June

Its the longest day today? Well the longest daylight day as all days are the same time, he he.
It was also a very good friends birthday today, Mr Pearse Halpenny, stage name Michael Pearse. What a fantastic juggling stage show Pearse had, he always made me laugh,
a true gentleman.  Fond memories of some great times we had together XXxx
This is one of his many shows, Michael Pearse.

We have still been ballooning away this week and also chasing up the computer company who are moving the websites over to a new server, sometime soon but unfortunately not to soon. They are very slow but are meant to be a very good company so hopefully things will finally get sorted this week.

So shops are re-opening and things are seemingly very slowly starting to get back to normal. Even with things open I’m not sure there is going to be a mad rush to get out and mingle with others. I think it could be a very slow process with still many difficult times ahead. But wishing everyone well in these troublesome and challenging times.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
A little bride I made a few days ago.