21st July

I had a balloon gig up in London last night, at a guess over 80% adult and it turned out to be a nice mixture of ages and a fun night. I was working with Matthew Garrett who was excellent going around the tables and frying people with his magic. It was a street party celebration and I had a good time although pretty tiring as it was a 5 hour gig but with two 30 minute breaks. Last Sunday I also covered for a street party balloon  gig as well, spooky.

Next week we have a school balloon workshop and then a nursery magic show.

We did the Balloon Chat challenge last week with Danielle and the subject picked as it was my turn was a Wizard. The pictures to see all the challenges we have made are here,
Balloon Chat Challenge.

We also had  a mini challenge with Danielle as I was making Woody from Toy Story and we were struggling with a simple cowboy hat design so put our heads together. Which generally is not how the challenges work as we both make separate and do not mention how we are going to make. So we tried a few hat variations and between us came up with a OK design for the hat. Pictures are being posted at the moment but not the final hat as yet but will be up in a couple of days. Woody.

Caribbean Blue is being discontinued in the UK, I have just got in a few extra bags
but guessing this will be the last of the current stock. 350 Caribbean Blue.

We have 15″ hearts on special offer as we will not be stocking these once
the current stock is sold. 15″ Hearts.

That’s  it from me for this week,
off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Woody and the joint hat design.