21st February

So this week mainly I have been making weaved numbers, I decided it was time that I ran a workshop on them so have been making the numbers 1 to 9 and then also 0 zero. I have made 2, 3 and sometimes 4 variations on the same number . Today I have made 3 variations of the number Five which was a little tricky as trying to get the curve a similar size to the top section was a challenge. We have made a few variations and I think I’m finally OK with a couple of the designs. I have been posting them onto Balloon Chat but I’m only on number Three at the moment so it will be a couple more weeks at a guess before they are all posted.
This is the thread if you’d like to have a look, Weaved Numbers.

We had a little Zoom Balloon Artistes Guild get together this week to see how everyone was and we also had a little twist as Kat who is not a club member kindly showed her two balloon busking Bunny Rabbit. I made a variation here, Bunny Rabbit.

We do have a special offer on the Sempertex website till the end of the month
with 10% off all orders. Sempertex Balloons.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Face design that was the challenge for this
month on the forum, Challenge.