20th Sept

We have a busy month for September, last week it was the kidology magic convention with all pictures now up on the balloon forum, Kidology.

This week we had a two day balloon event in Leeds that was “The David Grist Memorial Lecture” with Michael Abrahamson and Victor Forja coming over from Ireland to run the workshops for us. A fab couple of days it was as well, pictures are going up on the balloon forum but will take a while to post as I took around 600 pictures over the two days. Memorial Lecture Pictures.

Now this week I’m off to Eastbourne for a five day magic convention for the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention, it’s all go but so much fun. Looking forward to catching up with people and sharing a few balloon idea’s along the way as well, I will post a few pictures when I get back from the event.

Off topic I have been keeping an eye out for a new car over the past few weeks as mine is getting high mileage and I think I might have found one, same model, same speck, same engine size, different colour but more importantly 50,000 less miles on the clock. I will keep you informed, off to post a random picture from last week.

This is the golfer I made for the McDonalds house charity, they had a golfing day down at Kingswood golf club, while I was setting up I bout some raffle tickets to help out. Guess what? I won one of the star prizes, a round of golf for four and I do not even play golf. Will have to find someone that might like the prize in return for a donation to the charity.
See you next week xx
golfer 50