20th October

This week I went and did a balloon build with Danielle down in Kent, it was 6 of the paw patrol characters and also Ryder. They all went together OK although we did re-make a couple of the dogs hats as they looked a little odd first time around. The pictures I’m posting onto Balloon chat and should all be up by the end of the week. Rob is doing a little photoshop on a couple as one of the dogs eyes was a little skew wiff and was annoying me. Plus we did not have a big enough back cloth so he is sorting that for us as well. Its good to know people who can do these things for you………Thanks Rob. Paw Patrol Pictures.

I was then at the 30 year trading celebrations for Follies Face and Body Art in Rochester, it was very well attended and even had a cat walk show early evening. Its always nice catching up with people and meeting a few new people and trying to help, encourage and possibly inspire them to get into the artform, that’s what its all about, improving our art. I did manage to get a few pictures and will post them all over the coming days. Follies Pictures.

Balloon Chat had a new world record this week with 308 people all viewing the site at the same time, the previous best was 283. We still get lots of people viewing but sadly no one posts anymore, the world does seem to be more take take nowadays than a little give and take. Perhaps I should not say anything…………….but I did.

All the pictures are now up from the world tour we did with David Crofts.
Airdrie, Scotland Pictures.
Birmingham Pictures.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week, as yet not sure what it will be.
I went with the lizard come Iguana that I made a few weeks back now.