20th May

What a special week this was, now trying to work out the new details about people signing up for the newsletter and the GDPR notification. I’m not 100% sure what we have to do so will be sending a newsletter out just about this with a big button to un-subscribe if you wish to come off my email list. I 100% do not want to upset anyone or send emails that some think are spam. So if anyone does want to come off the list please let me know and we will do this straight away for you.

Getting ready for the children’s magic convention Trix’s that is taking place on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Off to pack the car in a while and then setting off around 2pm this afternoon. Been a busy week balloon modelling as we have had the emoji poo, Batman, Paddington and also Peter Rabbit all made this week. When I posted Paddington onto facebook, well they went mad for it…………..so that was nice, it possibly has got the most reaction to any design I have posted. I will be teaching it for the first time at the Manchester Care & Share day on June 25th if anyone would like to come along. There is a special early bird offer for the first 10 people to book, we have also confirmed a basic balloon modelling day for Sutton, Surrey on 11th July. For all the confirmed dates and to book, Balloon Days.

We had to have our rabbit put down last Sunday, Mr Snuffles was eight so a good age but still a little sad. We managed to find another white mini lop with blue eyes and picked her up on Thursday so had a couple of days to work with her. Getting her used to sitting in the hat and the magic box, she has been jumping out the hat as she is already two so it was new to her rather than when you get a new born at eight weeks and they are too small to jump out the hat. Anyway I sat with the children when they lined up to stroke her and she was as good as gold and just sat there so maybe we do have another lovely magic rabbit as in everything else she is fab.

Please take a look at Balloon chat if you get time, there is a wealth of information for the balloon artiste there and we have just had it all re-vamped a few weeks back and people have said it’s a little easier to navigate and use. Balloon Chat.

There is also BalloonTube, got to give it a plug when we can. I filmed eight new tutorials last Sunday and have never had such a great time filming. Of the eight designs we filmed seven were done in one take and the only one that caused a problem was the dinosaur which I make all the time in the real world and I got muddled up with it. That was funny as the other seven designs are all fairly new and I would have thought it was those that I would have tripped over. I was probably concentrating more with those and got over confident with the dinosaur, never mind as it all worked out well. There are 50 tutorials on there at the moment. BalloonTube.

Plus if you do need to buy any balloon related products then perhaps you could have a look at the website, Balloon Art Wholesale.

So the random balloon picture will not be so random,
well at the moment it’s Paddington but once I check
the picture albums it might be something different.
Nope I went with Paddington, till next week…..bye xx.