20th Dec

What has been happening this week? I have done a few magic shows and still busy with shipping out balloon orders till Wed, started to slow down now. Now working out the pros and cons for a big build that I’m doing with Roger on Tuesday back up in Canary Wharf, we did the reindeer and sleigh last year. I would have preferred three of us working on the project but as we got booked very late everyone else was booked so it will be a long day for Roger and I.

Still have a few magic shows to do next week as well plus back to Canary Wharf Thursday morning for my last job before the festive season.

I have been adding pictures from The Millennium Jam, we are up to 450 at the moment with still many more to post so please come back and keep looking. TMJ Pictures.

I’m up to adding the instructions from DVD four at the moment, this is the back to basic’s and I posted a one balloon dinosaur, a new snake design and also a new swan design. So only the dinosaur is as on the DVD, I think I posted approx. 15 one balloon snake designs and 7 or 8 one balloon swans that were all a little different. DVD 4 Pictures.

I have booked a few Care & Share days for 2016,
at the moment we have booked and confirmed,

Bishops Stortford, 6th Jan
Birmingham, 8/9th March. This is a two day star lecture with Simon Jong and Rob Driscoll.
Exeter, 11th May
Booking details.

So off to find a random picture for this week, perhaps the reindeer and sleigh that Roger Daws, David Crofts and I built last year.