1st November

Hello all, hope everyone is well in these very unusual times we are having.
I have been a little stressed today myself as its the first Sunday of the month so that makes it BalloonTube Sunday… and its time to ask people for a small donation. Apologies about this but like many others we have not worked for over eight months and then the balloon sales have been very slow as we supply mainly the entertainer market and like myself no one has been out working. So I do appreciate there is no work and no one really needs to learn any new designs at the moment. Hopefully over the years one or two of my designs have been useful
to people and they wont mind paying a small fee or perhaps donating a little more via PayPal. The Santa design is on special offer for this week at £3.50, the normal price will be £5.
Santa Tutorial.
I have just added it to the website but if you would like to donate a little more then my direct Paypal account is, grahamleesmagic@blueyonder.co.uk.

We did the editing this week for the Christmas Edition of “Balloon Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” when I say we I mean Zakh my grandson did, I did help a little. The plan was for no editing, fancy graphics or music but its easier to film with a few cuts and also gives Zakh the chance to try out his editing as he does upload his Skating and Scooter videos onto Instagram and he is learning as he goes. There are five hat designs as I thought over Christmas many wear the Christmas Cracker hats so sitting and making their own Christmas hats might be fun. I have two options for these, one with a balloon pump and the other without, you can see both of them on this link. Christmas Tutorials.

This week its like a marketing pitch, sorry about that, I have been making a few balloon designs as well this week, a Bear, Tails from Sonic, some Poppy ideas for Remembrance Sunday and also trying to come up with a model of the month. I have a Panda design but posted one only
a few months back, a motorbike, Christmas Tree and the Poppies for Remembrance Sunday.
I think I’m going with the Poppies as I feel that is the right thing to do for November.
Model of the Month.

That’s me for this week then, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Sonic’s friend, Tails.