1st July

So this week? I have just got back from the premier of Incredibles 2 and next week doing the premier again. So how does that work then, two premier’s? I have no idea but I get booked twice so not going to ask, he he.

We have a basic balloon modelling day coming up on Wed 11th July in Sutton, Surrey, could do with a few more booking as at the moment it’s a very small workshop. If you can pass on details that would be appreciated, or to book, Basic Balloon Day.

I did a very nice gig last Wed for “Well Being” it was at a large industrial estate in Uxbridge with fitness, bowel cancer, The Samaritans etc there to help people being more active etc. So people were coming up and asking why I was there balloon modelling. I explained I was there to put a smile on their faces, it seemed to work and during the event I only had 2 or 3 people at a time around me so it was like my perfect gig………and was fun.

Manchester the other week turned out good as we had 16 people attending the balloon day. Would always like more but it seems nowadays it’s difficult to get people out to events with Facebook and YouTube taking over. I still think you get more interaction at a day and learn so much more but then that’s just me and I’m a little old school. I still prefer DVD’s to digital downloads. A physical copy in your hand is what it’s all about to me.

Talking of YouTube and it’s BalloonTube Sunday today with the multi balloon sausage dog being the tutorial for this month. The step by step were posted onto Balloon Chat some two years ago so it is a slightly older design but still one of my favourites. Hope it is of use to a few, this is the link, BalloonTube Sausage Dog.

That is it from me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture
of the week to post, I wonder what it will be…….be right back.
I went with my variation from a design from Patrick van de Ven
who ran a workshop for us back in early June. I have posted
more pictures onto Balloon Chat. Dog.