1st Jan

A Happy New Year to everyone XXxx
I entertained yesterday at a restaurant up in Mayfair London, The Sexy Fish. It was rather on the posh side with some of the fish and chips costing £38 but what an experience. It was a after christening lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed it, adults talkative and friendly and the children well behaved and fun. There was one who was little fingers everywhere but he was sorted out fairly quickly and everyone went home with 3/4 nice designs each. I think there were possibly eight children in attendance with the odd mum asking for a design so a nice way to end 2016. One of the children asked the host if she would like a balloon and suggested a sausage dog, she said could she have something a little more challenging
and I said no a sausage dog would be great and made the large 350 design model.
I think I made it possibly 6 months back, It did go down pretty well and was one
of those moments. Sausage Dog.

I have been busy organising the balloon days for the Balloon Artistes Guild. It looks like I have four star lecture days all sorted and nearly booked up. I have even been in touch with others for the November dates as well with someone else in mind for Jan 2018 so planning well ahead for the club and the days. If you would like any info on joining then please ask away or you can have a little read here on the website, BAG Info.

Christmas morning was exciting in our house, my daughter got locked in the bathroom/toilet as the key broke in the lock. Lyn managed to get the broken key out and looked all over for the spare key to no avail so I had to drill the lock out of the door. It did not cause as much damage as you might think, Harry my grandson was dis-appointed as he wanted to smash the door down, typical 13 year old. Perhaps we should have called the fire brigade, he he.

The very last one balloon design goes up today,
it’s a rather detailed one balloon sausage dog.
2017 plans are to post a new design every other week now with multi balloon designs,
I have 10 designs already filmed with 3/4 geo designs that did not make it onto the geo blossom DVD going to be added as well. That is half the year sorted already and with all the other designs to add we will not have any problems with content for the next three years at a guess which is nice as there is no stress and worry about what to post next.
This week I have come up with a new Koala which I’m very happy with, it was a new panda last week and then we have the nice teddy with the loop around nose. Can you see there was a theme there, they all have the same body design with just a slight tweak on the face to make three different designs. BalloonTube.

Very much looking forward to the very first Care & Share day for 2017 at Bishops Stortford with Dan Catt running the full day workshop. Booking details, Care & Share Day.

That’s it from me for this week, take care and off to find the random balloon of the week.
I went with the airplane design, which is another one I can add to
BalloonTube some time this year. Some variations on the plane
can be seen on the forum, Plane Design.