19th June

Somehow it’s been a while since I posted, oops!
So where have I been lately?
I did another big balloon build with David Crofts with a cowboy theme, this time we had enough time for the build and time to smell the flowers and have a coffee along the way. I have posted all the pictures onto the forum. Cowboy Theme.

I have done a few magic shows over the past few days and this week attended the Leamington day of Magic on the Tuesday evening and all day Wed with a dealer stand. I stayed at Thelma’s Wed night and twisted some balloons with her on Thursday, played around with a few décor columns and an arch.

Today I was at the premiere for the film Pets at Home that took place at the Odeon in Leicester Square, I made the variation on Simon’s dog that he showed at the Birmingham workshop back in March, thanks Simon, it was a hit.

We have the basic balloon modelling day in Sutton this Wed 22nd June if anyone would like to attend. Booking info.

A random balloon picture for the week, there are two that I was pleased with. Snow White and a basketball shoe,
be back in a minute to post the random picture……………..what will it be?
Something completely random as I forgot to mention I have filmed 10 designs for my YouTube channel,
BalloonTube that hopefully will be going live sometime soon’ish. See I completely forgot about that.
At the moment it’s 10 one balloon model designs, I have a few more one balloon designs before we
move along with the more complex designs. I will announce it ASAP once it goes live.