19th July

Goodness I’m actually posting this on a Sunday when I’m meant to be, the plan was every Sunday to do the blog and sometimes I forget or things happen etc. So this weeks blog, we are all booked for the millennium jam, to me the best balloon convention in the world. It is coming back for just one year only…………….just go, it will be a blast. The Millennium Jam.

So I was a little dis-appointed I was unable to make the city of London balloon jam last week due to feeling a little unwell, but happy to say I twisted while at home and come up with a model design I’m rather chuffed about. I was watching the tennis the other week and Rafael  Nadal was beaten by Dustin Brown, now Dustin has a rather distinctive style, so much that I wanted to make a head design of him, which I did a couple of weeks back, pictures are here, Dustin Brown. So following on from that I would need a tennis racket and they are a little difficult to make from balloons so I had a play and as I said rather chuffed with how it turned out. I think the racket got the most likes and comments I have ever had on facebook, it went a little mental in a nice way. So what does this week hold? No idea as yet, have a two day balloon gig this weekend coming locally, six hours both days but I will take breaks, the trouble is normally what I think is a good idea for breaks others do not so you have to tread gingerly and come up with a compromise that everyone is happy with, then when the break comes……………………the queue, it has to be managed properly and in my 30 odd years of twisting have we found the 100% safe way to end the queue, NOPE. I have a few ways it helps but you always get that one or two people that think you should twist for 10 hours continual with no breaks and then always do one more, then one more, go on just one more. So wish me luck next week, perhaps the people of Croydon will be kind to me? I hope so.

The random balloon picture will not be random this week, it will be the tennis racket and tennis balls, that addition helped to make the piece,
well I think it did and it was pleasing to my eye and hopefully will be to others.

tennis 11