19th Aug

So this week we have been doing a lot of DIY on the balloon warehouse. It started with the fascia boards being rotten so I replaced them and then got onto the decking that we were going to re-fix and stain but it had seen better days so went with completely replacing. About half way through doing this as I only get a few hours during the day now and again with everything else. I have started to post some pictures onto balloon chat of all this if anyone wanted to take a look. Decking.

Balloon wise, well magic wise really, I have booked the hotel for Southport as we are off to the Magic convention from the 5/9th Sept. If anyone would like details then they do have a facebook page, IBM Magic Convention.

We then have the Mark Byrne two day star lecture in Birmingham on the 11/12th Sept. There are spaces available if anyone would like to book. Mark Byrne.

We are then off to the Kidology children’s magic convention on the 24/25th Sept. They also have Venturama the following day if anyone would like to stay and learn about venting or just puppetry in general. Kidology.

We still have the special offer on the chrome balloons in 11″ rounds and 260’s. We have all the colours and all are discounted till the end of the month. Balloon Art Wholesale.

The model of the month on Balloon Chat for August is the two balloon machine gun which does only take two balloons to make if anyone would like to have a go at making, Machine Gun.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week to post.
I made the Shimmer girls from I believe a CBBC programme,
But honestly have no idea really so could be wrong.