19th April

Hi All, not to much to report on really, spent another week indoors.
Did a little more tidying up around the house, a little bit of DIY and made a few balloons.
I’m still updating my portfolio page, I’m up to September 2019, getting a little closer
to being up to date but still a way to go. Portfolio Pictures.

I think today I’d better start to look at some designs I can film for my BalloonTube tutorials. There are quite a few on the list, the problem being I probably have not made them for a while now so will have to refresh my memory with how the designs went together. I will try and film only 4 a day, usually I film from 6 to up to 8 on a good day for filming with not to many pops,
or fluffed lines. We have been doing the Balloon Chat Challenge, the latest design we tried to re-create was the Hot Air Balloon, Balloon Chat Challenge.

Wishing everyone well in these very difficult times, we have been shipping out a very few orders. We are being safe and sensible as all the balloon product is at home and the couriers are still coming to pick up. If anyone does need any product so they can twist along at home to the many Facebook live balloon tutorials that have been about then please get in touch. Also I did comment a few weeks back saying if any of my regular customers would like some product but are short of a few pennies then I’m happy to work with you and sort payment later on in the year when hopefully things will have picked up. If you would like to take me up on this
offer then please just email or send me a private message, thanks. Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Camel that we made a few weeks back now.