18th July

We have the last BalloonTube I have filmed all ready for the August edition, it’s the lizard that we made from while back, to see the other 88 tutorials then this is the link, BalloonTube.
 do have 11 more designs all ready to be filmed so will try to film 4 or 5 in one day later on near the end of the month. The plan is to go up to 100 tutorials and then call it a day for BalloonTube………….so what will the next challenge be?

We had another balloon order arrive this week and have quite a few products back in stock after some not being available for possibly 8 to 10 weeks, please take a look and if you do
need any product then please perhaps purchase from us as it would be appreciated,
Balloon Art Wholesale.

I have also been working on next months Model of the Month which is going to be a Unicorn as surprisingly we have never as yet had a Unicorn as model of the month, this is how the design came about, Unicorn.

Short and sweet from me this week as I’m off making a few more balloons for a job later on in the week. Nice to keep slightly ahead when having to come up with new designs we have not made before . Off to find the random balloon model of the week, at the moment not sure what it will be……………….hopefully we will find a design to post.
I went with Baby Yoda that is going to be one of the live zooms in the coming weeks,
if you would like to book then this is the link, Baby Yoda Workshop.
And to see how the design came about then this is the thread of how we
changed things and tweaked the design, Balloon Chat Baby Yoda.