18th Jan

The blog is a day late again this week BUT I do have a good reason for this.
Note sure if anyone noticed but we are the same website but have a new name?
They were doing the change over yesterday so that is why I could not post.
So the new website name is, www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk Link.
the old website name, www.qualatexballoons.co.uk Link.
will still re-direst you till the end of Sept s please make a note of the new website name.
Lyn and I are still running the site, offering the same service and value for money and
there will still be the special offers. This month if you spend £125 you get a free bag
5″ round star wars face balloons. There are also offers on all other 5″ printed rounds.
January Special Offers Link.

All the pictures have finally been posted from the millennium jam balloon convention that we attended in November. There are over 750 pictures to view from a fabulous event. Pictures.

So the random balloon picture for this week is? Not sure, off to look,
I will surprise myself. How about Kung Fu Panda.