18th Dec

This week we have done a few playgroup parties and next week we have the same. Four playgroups and then a company party for Morgan Stanley up at Canary Wharf, what is nice about this is I’m working with another balloon modeller, Lord G. This does not happen too often so looking forward to the last gig before Christmas. All the pictures are up from the Matt Falloon workshop that took place in Sutton back on 21st and 22nd Nov.
Matt Falloon Pictures.

We have the next tutorial for BalloonTube all ready to go, this week it’s a one balloon machine gun that actually fires. As you can imagine this is very very popular in the real world. BalloonTube, Machine Gun.

We are sponsoring the ice cream truck at the Florida Super Jam; I have to say I remember with fondness the truck when I was out there one year for the event. After the parade we all met up by the truck and had an Ice Cream, it was a very social occasion standing around chatting and having a lolly in the warm of Florida late at night. So I thought it would be nice to give a little back to this fantastic balloon community that I’m very fortunate to be a part off. Rob Driscoll has done the artwork after Danny came up with a rather cheeky tag line, we have slightly toned the tag line down but bearing in mind this is America I think it might still be a little raunchy. Still it is an attention getter and we are plugging the forum that is really desperate to get a few more joining in. There is also a little plug and mention for BalloonTube. The artwork is on the forum, Sponsorship Artwork.

I’m up into London over the Christmas and New Year to look at a venue for a Care & Share balloon day. Many have mentioned over the years that we should have one in London so will see if we can find a sensible venue to run the day, as they say watch this space.

The next confirmed Care & Share day will be with Dan Catt on Wed 11th Jan in Bishops Stortford, there are still a few early bird tickets available so making it a free day.
It’s £20 to attend but you do get 4 bags 260 Classic modelling Balloons.
Booking Details.

I forgot to film the one balloon Camel that I used to make a few years back, to be honest I forgot all about it. It may be filmed at a later date but I thought I would use it for the random balloon picture of the week.

Till next week……….take care xx.