17th October

Well this weekend we did a couple of birthday magic shows, the last time we did a birthday party was easily 18 months ago. The thing I noticed was walking into the hall. the noise, wow it did seem loud to me. Now some of the children seeing a show might be coming up for 6 years old but it may well be the very first magic show they have seen due to the lockdown and Covid situation. They were both fun and enjoyable, the first one we did have 3 shall we say lively children who were up and down till I mentioned they might have to sit on chairs if they jumped up again and it then became more manageable. The second party there must have been 30/40 adults who stayed, the noise then with them all talking. I usually make two balloon models before we start and then just before we start the magic show I did ask the adults to move into a separate room if they wanted to natter. It did not stop it completely but made the situation manageable again. Especially as they were only 4 year olds and on the quiet side. You never know if you should ask the adults to be quiet etc but the parents came up at the end and thanked me for asking them to stop talking so all worked out well. Plus I had done magic shows for this family some 15 years back as well so we chatted about that after the party as well. Made for a very nice day and a nice couple of magic shows.

We had the very first balloon get together this week gone as well, that was fab seeing everyone again after so long. Thanks to Amanda, David and Rob for running a workshop each for us, appreciated and then I did a workshop on my Train design as well. I have started to post the pictures onto Balloon Chat but it will take a few more days before they are all up. We even got complimented on the prizes we were giving away, sometimes they are a little tongue in cheek funny prizes, we did have a few of those as well this week but also a few nicer prizes as well. The thread to see the pictures on Balloon Chat is here, Balloon Day.

Organising another “Care & Share” balloon day for Nov time, I was thinking about Watford but changed my mind as we were in Birmingham this week so not to far away. Then tried to book a hall at Bishops Stortford but it was not available till next year so thought about going down to Portsmouth as it’s not a usual venue we attend and will be nice trying some different locations in the coming months to promote Pioneer Europe who kindly sponsor the days for us.

We have another Zoom workshop coming up on the 27th October, its for the weaved heart that we made originally at a guess over 15 years ago. We have just 10 people per workshop to keep is small and intimate. Booking details, Weaved Heart.

I have another big build coming up at the end of November for the local cinema, better keep mum till its all sorted and confirmed though, just in case.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the two motor bikes I made in my hotel room the night before the balloon day.