17th July

It passed me by again, never mind, writing the blog on Sunday that is, oops!
So this week was a catch up week, accounts, vat, balloon stock etc etc as the last three weeks have been a little manic. Nearly caught up, well I have today, also booked venues for the Lincoln care & share day and Manchester. Details for both days are here on the website, both are free to attend, well £20 but you also get 4 bags 260 classic so more or less a free day with a whole day of ballooning thrown in as well. Lincoln is on 12th Sept and Manchester 2nd Nov, Booking.

We had a last minute booking for a film premiere up in Piccadilly Circus at Picture House Central which is a new venue for me, very nice and a little old school it was as well.
The film was Pete’s Dragon and this is the design I came up with for the event, Dragon.
It was nice to work with David Crofts and Jana in the real world so to speak. David and I work a lot together but normally just in my front room or hall making the large sculpture designs.

All the pictures are nearly up from the BMW mini build we did a couple of weeks back with David Crofts, Thelma Levett, Roger Daws and Daniel Fudd. It was a very exhausting two days but so much fun as well once the finishing line was in sight. Mini Pictures.

That’s it from me then for this week, off to the City of London Jam tomorrow, pizza for lunch and then a few hours twisting. Looking forward to it, off to find a random balloon picture, be right back, don’t go away, he he.
A little tempter for the wheels we made for the balloon mini car we built.