17th April

It’s been a busy week just balloon modelling, just playing with a few designs.
Now what have I made this week, a lizard, some tyres/wheels, jet pack, duck hat
and possibly a few more things as well that I have forgotten.

I also went up town on Wed to meet Matt Russell who was over from Australia for
a few days, we met I think three years ago at a Twist & Shout balloon convention
in St Louis I believe. Had a very nice afternoon walking around the south bank
and catch up with him and Danny.

Off to the Portsmouth balloon jam on Wed that Rob Driscoll is organising, I think
I will take all the balloons down that I have been playing with over the past few days.
If anyone would like to join us the details on the jam are here on the forum.
Portsmouth Jam.

I had a birthday party yesterday to entertain at, it’s been a couple of weeks since
my last show as I have been at conventions and away working elsewhere.
It was nice to get back to perform a magic show, now some might think,
oh Graham, we never knew you did magic shows…..well I do, more details here,
Magic Shows.

I’m still adding the pictures from the juggling convention I attended a couple
of weeks back, I will be adding more over the coming few days so please pop
back now and again to have a look. Juggling Convention Pictures.

So what will be the random balloon picture of the week?
Possibly the Lizard or Wheels, as I’m still playing with the wheels
I think I will go for the Lizard. I was not too happy with the face
design/construction when I made it but over the days it has grown on me.
Off to find it, be right back.

If anyone would like to view the wheels/tyres then they can be found here.