16th May

Ooops, I missed a blog last week, I always seem to miss one now and again. We also had to post BalloonTube Sunday last week instead of the 2nd May as there was a slight technical problem with the tutorial. And still I forgot my blog, oh well………………..never mind.

I have been fitting a fence for the past two days at my daughter’s so feel absolutely worn out from that and aching as not used to physical work. I’m getting too old for it all, he he.

We had a nice workshop from Patrick van de Ven this week that went well and we had a good number attending, I’m just in the process of sorting out another star lecture zoom for the end of June. I do have 4 workshops booked with myself teaching some designs, Motor Bike, Train, Push Bike and then a numbers workshop. All the designs are brand new and it would be lovely to have a few booking onto them, I limit it to 10 so we can it small and intimate and so that I can check everyone is following along and we can back track a little if someone needs a little more tuition. Details for the up coming workshops can be seen here,
Zoom-A-Balloon Workshops.

I had to go for an eye test last week and struggling to read with my glasses at the moment,
I was just going to get the new lenses put into my old frames but this costs more than purchasing two new pairs as they do buy one get one free. Seems a crazy throw away world where hardly anything nowadays gets repaired. I will pick up the new glasses next Saturday just after getting my hair cut that you have to book in now for. I’m hoping the hairdressers carry on the booking system after as its nice to walk in at a certain time as on occasions you can wait hours to get your hair cut. I was going into Sutton today to buy a new jumper but had a look around in my wardrobe and found 5 jumpers that I’ve never worn, shock horror, its like having a new wardrobe without even going out shopping.

We have been getting some of the out of stock product back into stock over the past few days, we do have 11″ Chrome Gold and Silver now in stock, Balloon Art Wholesale.

So what have I been doing balloon wise? Definitely the new Motor Bike I have come up with which I really do like, then I was making a quicker Jessica Rabbit. I did make one the end of last year but that was more involved, this one is more line work I feel. I sorted the Push Bike design out to where I’m happy with it and enjoyed trying out the designs’ from Patrick and tweaking them a little. Still no shows booked as yet, not any calls either so really gone quiet, it seems as you do less and less shows then there are less and less enquiries so we have to either start having more of an online presence or once we are allowed to get up and out again it’s time to tour around the UK running balloon workshops. Yes I’m looking forward to getting out and about twisting again, will be nice.
Jessica Rabbit.
Motor Bike.
Off to find the random balloon model of the week,
or fortnight as I forgot last weeks, be right back.
I went with the dress design I made back in April, there is a thread on
Balloon Chat with some more pictures. Dress Weave.