16th Aug

Well we had an eventful day yesterday, I had no shows booked so took my grandson out for the day. The plan was to go and view a car that I was looking to buy and then go onto Brighton, the car was on the way. So we set off and had breakfast at McDonalds, all well up to then. Travelling down and the M25 is a little slow but when we go to the M23 it was at a standstill, so plan B, lets cut across to Caterham and go down to Eastbourne, things going Ok till we get to major road works, they are changing a water main and only one side of the road is up. We are playing I spy and head and tails in the car and passing the time. We got held up for about 45 minutes but it is a Saturday and holiday time, about 40 minutes from Eastbourne there is a nice little picnic spot with an ice cream van, so we stop for 20 minutes to get a Mr Whippy ice cream and a sit down to look at the view, it is a lovely spot to muse over. So back in the car and about 10 miles from Eastbourne we see a sign for an air show, oops Eastbourne is going to be busy. We drove around Eastbourne for 40 minutes not finding anywhere to park, it’s the busiest I have ever seen it in all the time I have been.

This is where they hold the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention so we do know Eastbourne pretty well, so we discuss perhaps driving to Pevensey which is 10 minutes up the road, so after saying yes OK let’s try there, bingo we find a place to park the car and only a 5 minute walk from the theatre complex and sea. First thing Harry wanted to do was go on some amusements, great lets go on the pier, we walked around and agast! no amusements, well there must be some along the sea front, surely…………….NO! Eastbourne does not have any amusement arcades. Poor old Harry, I forgot to say by the time we parked it had taken four and a half hours in the car and it was gone 3pm and we set off just before 11am. Lets go get something to eat, Harry said there was a restaurant with Harry in the name and suggested we went there, it was Harry Ramsden’s. I had a small haddock and Harry went for the sausage and chips, well my meal was probably the worst fish and chips I have ever had, atrocious. I could hardly see any fish in the massive concoction of batter, batter to fish should be in proportion, I ordered the small so knew it was not going to be that big. The batter was stale and chewy and the fish so dry, before this Harry had sent back two pepsi’s as they were both flat and went for the coke as it was from a bottle. I did complain and they said a discount would be applied to my bill. Harry wanted some pudding and likes profiteroles, trouble was he did not notice there were not the normal ones but custard and Harry does not like custard.

We were both still laughing about the situation and the day was fun because it had been such a disaster, Harry even called his mum saying what an incredible day it was and probably the best day out ever, I wonder where he gets his sarcasm from? He, he!
We got £2.10 off the bill for the meal, I think that added insult to injury and I will be getting in touch with Harry Ramsden’s to make a formal complaint. We had  a walk up to the town and found a little sweet shop so Harry was in his element choosing a few sweets and we decided to go onto the beach so Harry could have a paddle. All afternoon the air show was going on and we saw a few fly past which was nice to see and the noise is something else. The seafront was packed. To be continued but a random balloon to keep you going.
ninja 7