15th November

Well this week was exciting, we painted the porch and front door and then did our very first Facebook live. Painting the porch was OK but I had trouble with the door as the paint would not dry, it took two days and that was only after I put a small heater in the porch to help it along. At first I thought there was something wrong with the paint and it had gone off. I have had emulsion go off over the years but never undercoat, satin or gloss. Anyway the heater sorted it out and the door is ready to have all the furniture put back on it tomorrow.

As for Facebook live we did rehearse a little on the club page first which was a sensible thing to do as it was a disaster. I’m still smiling thinking about it, firstly there was no sound for about 8 minutes with people messaging me and calling and I’m even commenting on people are trying to call me etc, I can see how it was very funny. Then the lights above me I kept getting in the way of so it looked like the lights were switching on and off and finally the camera I was using kept auto focusing and the mic on it for some reason via Facebook is very quiet. It works fine when on zoom though so a complete mystery to me. So we went and used my phone for the Facebook Live, for the first one I was pleased, I did make the bike wrong so the first 8 minutes
if you are going to watch then perhaps zoom past till there, Peppa Pig that we also explained went OK after. The plan was for it to last for between 40 minutes to an hour, the first one went 50 mins so if we take the mistake on the bike out we were about on time. Fingers crossed I will be a little more relaxed next week and see a few more of the comments so that I can reply live and chat to people, its a learning curve, Also the plan is to mention people who are watching and let others know how I know them and a little story possibly about how or where we met etc to make it a little more personal. Well that’s the plan if I can get it all together. I have two really nice Christmas designs we are showing next week which I’m looking forward to, I was a little nervous about going live as its all new to me and was taking me out of my comfort zone. I’m really pleased that we did it and I had trouble sleeping on the night from the buzz and adrenaline from doing the show, well I say show as its the nearest we are going to get to performing a show for quite a while. I was told we had 29 people watching live, not sure if that’s good or bad but in the two days since we are up to 1800 views, again not sure if that is good or bad but something to build on with three more Facebook lives planned over the coming three weeks. The next one will be on Thursday 19th November at 8pm UK time. Hope they are of some use to a few. This is the link to the Facebook live, be quick as I’m not sure as yet how long I will leave it up for people to view. Motor Bike and Peppa Pig.

If anyone is looking for some balloon products then please have a look at the website as things are a little quiet at the moment for us. This is due to us generally supplying the entertainer market and no one being allowed out entertaining since the end of February this year……….
Thanks xx  We can ship very quickly if you need product last minute.
Balloon Art Wholesale.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random design of the week which I think is
going to be the Santa that I’m going to show on the Facebook live this week.