15th December

It started off an OK week with a gig or two but then went a little manic as the local cinema via David Crofts got in touch to see if I could build a train for their Polar Express pyjama party screenings. So it ended up being a very busy week….well for me. Last minute big build was a little stressful with a couple of minor problems while building but then you always have this on a one off build that you have not made before. When building with others though you have two heads to sort the problems out but as it was just me………….well it was a bit of a worry but we got through it and it looked OK at the end. We are our own worst critics though and the slightest little thing to us sticks out like a sore thumb yet to others its not even noticed. I’m posting pictures as I built it onto the forum and they should all be up possibly by Tue or Wed, Train Pictures.

Had a couple of Christmas shows and balloon gigs as well this week so plenty to keep me busy and tired. Off out again soon for another couple of Christmas shows down in Guildford.
Then next week we are out six days with shows and ballooning here there and everywhere
as the saying goes. I love it though, magic, ballooning and hopefully making people laugh.

Then the following week my son gets married and then its Christmas ………………and Relax.

We posted another Balloon Chat Challenge last week, this was the 21st challenge that we have done this year. It has been fun trying to re create others designs with the look and feel that they captured. This is the link if you’d like to take a look, Balloon Chat Challenge.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with our last Balloon Chat Challenge design.