15th April

We got home safe and sound from the juggling convention, it was an enjoyable time but those attending the workshops numbers were a little low and sales were not the best. But at these things it’s the bigger picture, well that is what they tell me. I then went to the Kent face painting day on Tuesday and it was nice to meet up with those I only see now and again.

I’m very behind on the picture posting, I have been posting them as usual but I have been attending so many events and it’s a struggle to keep up. I’m just wondering if I did download the pictures from the face painting day or if I deleted them by mistake, opps. That is how bad it has got, I’d better go and look in a while and check.

The forum is still being updated, you can log in and use now and also post pictures without re-sizing. We do have a couple of minor issues they are trying to de bug, the main one being the pictures used to go onto the old forum as an attachment and not as pictures. The problem we have is that if they stay like this then it will be difficult to easily upload pictures to the forum, some will still have to re-size them. For me that is a definite no no, we have to try and make it as easy as possible for people to use the forum. Since the change over nothing has changed, I was hoping a few more would be posting now but it looks like it’s died a major death. One has tried and maybe all the cost of up dating the forum was a waste of money, as many have said I’m too emotionally involved with the forum as it’s been a major part of my life for 10 years now. They are looking at a couple of alternatives for the forum so watch this space to see
what might happen.

I’m off to the Tony Twist workshop on Wed with Tony and Natalie, now this might be fun 😉

All the pictures on the forum from the latest events can be found here,
Balloon Chat Pictures.
You do have to be logged into the site to view the pictures though.
Otherwise you only see all the text and there are over 48.000 pictures to view.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This is the up-scaled Cat made from 350’s. The full step by step
Instructions are on balloon chat but made from 260 balloons.
Cat Instructions.