14th May

Welcome along to this week’s blog, so what’s been happening? We had the Bristol magic convention last Sunday, it was nice to catch up with a few who we only see now and again and then on the Monday we had the Bristol Care & Share day. The venue was unusual in we had one hall in the morning and another hall in the afternoon. The afternoon hall they locked the kitchen so we had to keep going back to the first hall for drinks and the band that were booked for rehearsals in the afternoon never showed up. Still it made for a talking point, I’m posting the pictures from the day onto the forum with still a few more to add over the coming days so please look back now and again to see all the updates. Bristol Pictures.

I covered for Crofty at a balloon show/gig yesterday in Reading, wow it was great. I tried a different version of crowd control and have to say it worked 100%. The whole 5 hours I was working there and not one moan or complaint. I’d better put this on a DVD and quick, he he.
Those that know me realise myself and quick may not go together too well, I have a balloon magic act that I have been performing for 10 years and I keep promising I will put the routines and instructions onto a DVD, well I did announce yesterday on facebook that I would be bringing this out for the tenth anniversary in November. I would have posted the details onto balloon chat but I was having issues posting onto the forum for some reason last night.

I was having a play with a sausage dog design and a pony/horse for the model of the month for June over on balloon chat, just tried a different version of the horse this morning as well and this will definitely be the model for next month. If you wanted to try this months model, the three balloon cat then this is the link, Cat.

I’m still struggling to get many interested in the Bodmin Cornwall Care & Share day, I appreciate there are less chimney posts so less people to entertain and less entertainers etc. As it’s the first time we have taken a balloon day down to the west country I was assuming there would have been a little more interest. Still I will keep plugging away and fingers crossed we can make it happen, the date we are trying for is Monday 19th June. More details and to book, Bodmin Balloon Day.

No BalloonTube this week but if you wanted to check up on some of the designs I have posted, there are 29 now, surprising how quickly they go up. BalloonTube.

The new Q-Paks are now in stock on the website, we have the full range that is available in the UK at the moment with 28 solid colours, 6 neon colours and 2 metallic’s. They are posted over three pages under there separate headings, they do come in 50 count bags.
Solid Colour Q-Paks.

Off to the Dorchester tomorrow for afternoon tea with Lyn and then we will go and see a show up in London, it was a birthday present from my children. Well that’s me for this week, off to find a random balloon picture to post.
cat thank you