14th June

This weeks BalloonTube re-visited is the one balloon shield that was originally posted onto YouTube back in Sept 2016. These are being posted onto my Facebook page and the originals are on my BalloonTube channel. Facebook. BalloonTube.

We have just started to stock some Foils, Bubble balloons, Stretchy Bond glue tape and some Foil numbers on the website. Just a few to start with but if there is demand we will start stocking a few more designs although we are not sure where we will be able to stock them as space is limited with all the other products we stock at the moment. We have put them all on the Balloon Accessories page at the moment. Once we get the website moved over to the new server then we will get extra pages added to the website and set them all up properly. In case anyone does not know we have a glitch on the website with anyone who has internet via BT or EE unable to view the website for some reason. Our server host at the moment is unable to sort the problem so we are going with another company and getting all my websites moved over in the coming weeks. Balloon Accessories.

We are getting one or two orders coming in, nothing like before the lockdown started but one or two to help keep me busy. Many thanks to those who do order from us, it is appreciated. Balloon Art Wholesale.

We have been ballooning as usual this week with making a few extra designs, the large boxed weaved love heart I particularly like the shape of. It was version 4 or 5 before I got the look I was after. I made a couple of Brides and also Mario & Luigi. I have not been posting my designs onto balloon chat due to the problem with our main website. I have been saving all the pictures into a special folder so when we move the websites to the new server they are all ready to be added to get Balloon Chat back up to date. Balloon Chat.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the female balloon modeller design that I made 5 or 6 weeks
back now. I do like all the extra little details that were added.
a danielle2bc