14th February

So this week we have come up with the idea of having some star lectures on Zoom and have called them Zoom-A-Balloon. Made me smile and chuckle. The first one is all booked in with Rob Driscoll for 25th February at 8.00pm UK Time. Rob was booked as one of the  star lecturers we had planned back in April 2020 that we have had to re-schedule. The plan is to still have the two day spectacular but as yet things are still so unsure we have gone over to a few online Zoom workshops to keep us all going.  There are also a few workshops there that I’m running including the string of bubbles, Teddy Bear and the Panda design. We have tried to keep the fee to attend as low as possible as we do appreciate its difficult times for all at the moment. Half the tickets have been snapped up for Rob so if you’d like to book
on any of the workshop this is the link, Zoom-A-Balloon Workshops.

I have also started this week a weaved numbers thread where I’m going to go through and make all the designs up and explain a couple of variations. Still on the number One at the moment but I have twisted two variation of the number Two this morning to post in the coming days. Not sure how long it will take but I will plod my way along with my thoughts on why I do the numbers as we do. If there is interest I’m happy to do a workshop on each number. This is the thread, Weaved Numbers.

I did the latest challenge over on Balloon Chat this week on Faces, have not posted it as yet as been busy with organising and discussing the format for the workshops and how to make them flow nicely. Zoom is pretty new to all of us and showing clearly the designs at times with one camera angle is a little tricky. I’m sure we will get better with it as the more that we do.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week,
not sure what it will be at the moment, off to look.
I went with the Cow design that I added to BalloonTube last week, BalloonTube.
If you wanted to help out then I have set up a “Buy Me A Coffee” page, this will help
to keep Balloon Chat on line and for us to keep BalloonTube up and running.
If you can help out it is appreciated XXxx. Buy Me A Coffee.
a cow