14th Aug

Half way through August, wow. So what have we been up to this week?
We had a few friends around on Thursday for the London Jam on Tour, he he.
It was nice catching up with Rob, Danny, Susie and Kat. We made a few designs, posting them onto the forum with still a few more pictures to add over the coming days. Pictures. And yes we went to pizza express after, would not be a London jam without Pizza Express………..and we had a 25% off voucher and 2 for 1 tickets, what more could you want? Well perhaps a 40% off voucher, he he!

Finally updated the website with the new price’s, the balloons went up back in February but we have been holding off for quite some time, always a worry when you have to have a price increase on the website. We do try to offer an excellent service at an excellent and competitive price…………well I like to think we do but I suppose that is down to our customers to comment.

I started to do a little DIY, the log cabin was looking a little tired so to speak so have been rubbing down the decking section and will re-stain it this week. Then partly re-build the veranda section as I did not realise some of the wood is completely rotted through. Plus I’d better put a new stain over the cabin as well to try and keep it looking all spruced up. Then the front of the house could do with a lick of paint, well a little more than a lick really, so that is the plan for the coming days/weeks. Plus I will try to twist a balloon model or two along the way.

The up and coming Care & Share balloon days are filling up nicely, we have 12 booked in for Lincoln and 10 for Manchester at the moment. Lincoln is on Monday 12th Sept and Manchester Wed 2nd Nov, we do have some early bird special tickets still available, it’s £20 to attend the day and you get 2 bags 260 classic balloons included in the price. Booking details are here, Care & Share Day’s.

On the website we now stock the Winnie the Pooh faces, they came into stock this week.
Winnie The Pooh.

We also started to stock a couple of weeks back the Avenger faces as well.
Avenger Faces.

So off to see what the random picture of the week might be.
I made this a few weeks back at the last city of London balloon jam.
I have always liked the facial look of this little guy, I did make this a
while back so was just trying to re-fresh my memory.