14th April

All the pictures are now finally up from the Blackpool Balloon Bash,
this is the link to view them all, BBB.
I have posted links and details all over Facebook where I’m allowed to.
Plus promoted the Bash on Balloon Chat and Facebook as I usually do.

We have another challenge on Balloon Chat, its a girl balloon design
from TwisTee the balloon artiste. Challenge Thread.

Its the London Jam this Tuesday 16th April if anyone would like to attend.
I’m not sure at the moment if I can make it. London Jam.

I enjoyed the Kent Face Paint Jam last week, I have posted a few pictures
but not that many and none with face paints, just balloons. Kent Jam.

We are also in the planning stage of taking the Twistin Twins on Tour, that is David Crofts and I, we will be doing a day in Birmingham and then a day in Scotland later on in the year. Hope to announce dates by the end of the month.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
Be right back xx.
This was made for the Balloon Chat challenge.
The head structure is from a design by TwisTee.