13th Sept

I missed posting last week as there was some fun on my facebook page, well when I say fun someone was accusing myself of only being in the balloon world just for money. I was rather shocked and taken aback by the remarks, like everyone else we do have bills to pay and I used to earn a living solely from entertaining but have moved slightly over to the balloon company/entertaining so yes I do sell balloons and make a profit. Just like everyone else who goes to work, but if you look back over the years hopefully you will see I have a love for the balloon community and a special bonding with those in our fabulous world of balloon art. I wont go too much into the comments made but I did answer them fully and as yet, a week later there is no reply to my posts.
If you would like to have a read then this is the link,
Graham Lee Facebook It is the morals and ethics post.

So moving onto nicer things we went to the Kidology magic convention this week for the children’s entertainer, had a lovely time catching up with people and I have posted a few pictures from the event on balloon chat with still more to post at the moment. Kidology Magic Convention.

We have the David Grist Memorial Lecture this week in Leeds on the 15/16th Sept with Michael Abrahamson and Victor Forja coming over from Ireland to run the workshops on the two days, it should be fun. To book, David Grist.

I have started a new thread on the forum and we think it will be called, “What Goes On In Graham’s Front Room”
only because my balloon modelling DVD’s are called the front room tapes. The reason I have started this thread is due to the comments made about myself on facebook saying I was only out to make money from the balloon world, it did hurt and I felt my integrity was being questioned so I have decided to put the instructions up for three models from all of my DVD’s. They will be full step by step and from DVD 1, shield, dolphin and a teddy holding a love heart. The reason for these is that the dolphin and teddy design I had forgotten about, the DVD was made eight years ago so I’m revisiting and making variations on a theme as well. Been enjoying it actually and have the details for the shield up for this week and will post full details of one model every week. DVD1 Step by Step

So onto the random balloon model for the week.023